The World of Beards is Back!

September 17, 2008
Another beard appears after years away from the spotlight

Another beard appears after years away from the spotlight


After a period of hiding, the World of Beards has reawoken. Its beard may be straggly and unkempt, but it won’t be long before a well manicured beard for 2008 is proudly displayed.

Expect to hear about the beard that shamed all of Germany and new beard fashion very soon!


Posh School Quizzes Brainy Kids On Beards

December 21, 2006


Each year King Williams College on the Isle of Man quizzes it’s pupils with possibly the hardest quiz ever devised by man. This Christmas the school has asked its pupils a number of questions about BEARDS! Clearly the future leaders of the country are being prepared for a life where a facial companion is a friend that will bring power and influence.

The World of Beards is frankly struggling to answer any of the questions on the quiz, let alone any on its specialist subject. Can you help? Those beard brain bamboozlers are: Read the rest of this entry »

One nation under a beard

October 19, 2006

beard-of-peace.jpgWar. What is it good for? Well, it’s clearly good for the economy, blowing things up, providing storylines for epic movies directed by Francis Ford Coppolla and manufacturers of khaki. But beyond that, nothing (good God). But what’s that got to do with beards? Read the rest of this entry »

Definitley NOT the best bearded sportsman in the world

October 14, 2006

sun-jihai.jpgThe World of Beards caused controversy recently by suggesting that Sergio Batista was the world’s greatest bearded sportsman. We feel safe though in saying that Manchester City’s Sun Jihai is not in the running. In fact he doesn’t even have a beard.  Not yet anyway. We sent our resident newshound, Regy Growthestein to sniff out why China’s David Beckham may be bringing the beard into disrepute.

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The greatest bearded sportsman of all time

September 24, 2006

sergio-batista.jpgThe World of Beards is often asked “who is the greatest bearded sportsman of all time”? We now bring you the results of six and a half years extensive research. The greatest bearded sportsman of all time is……Sergio Batista.

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Beard Fashion!

September 20, 2006

style-guru.jpgThe World of Beards is a trend setting world. Today we are proud to introduce our latest recruit, style Guru Lance Pinkerton. Lance will show us what it takes to turn that bit of facial fluff into an accessory you’ll never want to be without. His first case study, the legendary Noel Edmonds. Read the rest of this entry »

Orbiting around The World of Beards, A Moustache Moon

September 17, 2006

andrews-tache.jpgThe World of Beards is not afraid to admit that this is a ridiculous proposition. There can be no moustache moons. A moustache is an emerging, growing beard. A fledgling world. If the United States is a goatee beard, then China is a handlebar moustache – poised to grow into a fully developed French Fork.

It is in this spirit that The World of Beards is fully behind this man’s Tache for Cash campaign. 

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