Beard Bingo!

davidbellamypicture.jpgThe World of Beards invites you to take part in the noble sport of Beard Bingo!

Simply print off the World of Beards Offical Beard Guide – if you don’t have a printer you can double your fun by sketching a copy yourself into a note pad or piece of parchment paper – and keep it to hand. You will also need a fat felt beardindex.jpgtipped, or parker pen.

 To play, mark off your Beard Guide each time you encounter a particular beard type. The first World of the Beard reader to complete their card will win David Bellamy’s Save the World board game. Right on David.

The World of Beards uses the only exisitng official beard taxonomy. Unfortunatley this is dated from the 1800s. Think a beard’s missing? Share your description and beard name in the forum below. You could even send us a sketch.


6 Responses to Beard Bingo!

  1. Beardyburkey says:

    I claim copyright on the ‘Clive of India’ a laterally-based cousin of both the Balbo and the Hollywoodian but with touches of the traditional goatee; that being the addition of sub-lateral below-bottom-lip elements. Care guide: Haphazard hacking whenever one starts to find ones sherry contanimated by visigog sproutage. Advanced care: remove blond hairs directly below the lip and extend lower boundary to the clavial radius, ensuring that the rearmost boundaries follow, but do not cross, the inside line of the Pterygomandibular Raphe. Hey presto! You look like a bit of a nonce.

  2. lol great stuff! thanks for the beard guide link!

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  4. Sir

    I just played beard bingo in a meeting, my seat was near a window and I ticked them off as people walked past in the street outside.

    No one had a clue waht was going on when i suddenly leaped up yelling House.


  5. online bingo says:

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    […]Beard Bingo! « The World of Beards[…]…

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