Spot the Beard!

beadle_money_fall.jpgThe World of Beards understands that while you’re all keen to complete your Beard Bingo cards and get your hands on the David Bellamy Save the World board game it’s not an immediate task. So, to keep your beard eye trained we invite you to spot the celebrity beard.

It’s an easy game. Just let us know via the forum below who owns these famous beards. While you’re at it, tell us if you’ve met a celebrity with a beard, what was it like? Are there any famous people you think would be more famous if they had a beard? What kind of beard should they sport?

Good luck!












13 Responses to Spot the Beard!

  1. Brian Blessed says:

    Is the third one Ming the Mercyless?

  2. Whiskers Away says:

    The last one is definately taken fron the marble statue of margaret thatcher. the one that some mad bloke knocked the head off with a Scaff pole!

  3. Whiskers Away says:

    I actually know who the first one is! i met the great man at a Digery Do expo in Leeds back in ’98.

    We shook hands and he said g’day to me. I have his autograph. he changed my world. He aqlso has a mate known only as “Shining Bear”


  4. Andrew says:

    Is two Captain Haddock?

    And is four Hemmingway?

    Billions of blue blistering barnacles!

  5. Fouldsy says:

    Andrew, you’re right!

    I also have heard a story about the first guy, but for legal reasons I cannot disclose details here.

  6. Beardyburkey says:

    is there a taste of a Neil Young in at 3?. And a Plato later on? Great blistering dialectical disasters.

  7. Whiskers Away says:

    This is trickier than i first suspected… Perfect for “strokey beard” type thinking! Well done for a top beardy challenge.

    Are we going with : HArris, Haddock, Young, Hemmingway and Plato then?

  8. Fouldsy says:

    That’s the lot! Well done to Andrew, Beardyburkey and Whiskers Away. A special edition “beards they grow on you badge” will be coming your way. Have a look here There’s still one available to the person with the best beard-celeb story.

  9. I met Brian Blessed once. He was opening a theatre somewhere. He had frostbite of the arse and put his finger up my nose. It was a misjudged version of the old “what’s that one your shirt?” trick. You know the one – he points at my chest I look down, he brings finger up quickly. Finger enters nasal passage. And in his opening speech he displayed how to make money at American Sci-Fi conventions. Enter stage right heading left, as one passes podium and microphone shout “Gordon’s alive?”. Exit stage left without breaking stride. Class. And he said Patrick Stewart is a nob.

  10. Whiskers Away says:

    But fouldsy, that link don’t work… i’ve just lost valuable time trying to get a glimpse of the mystical badge!

  11. fouldsy says:

    Check out the new “merchandise” page in the World of Beards menu for your prize

  12. Is that the Late Jeremy Beadle at the top of this article? Did you know he had a massive cock? On the other hand it was tiny!!!

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