Orbiting around The World of Beards, A Moustache Moon

andrews-tache.jpgThe World of Beards is not afraid to admit that this is a ridiculous proposition. There can be no moustache moons. A moustache is an emerging, growing beard. A fledgling world. If the United States is a goatee beard, then China is a handlebar moustache – poised to grow into a fully developed French Fork.

It is in this spirit that The World of Beards is fully behind this man’s Tache for Cash campaign. 

World of the Beard friend, Mr Andrew Ettinger BA (hons), is growing a moustache tom-sellick.jpgthroughout the month of September. Why? For charadee mate. Although he doesn’t like to talk about it, Mr Ettinger is raising money for the Everyman charity. The World of Beards applauds you Mr Ettinger and encourages its inhabitants to give generously. Bravo.

To donate go to Mr Ettingers TacheBack page.

Growing facial hair can be a lonely, isolated experience. Add your words of encouragement to our forum.


2 Responses to Orbiting around The World of Beards, A Moustache Moon

  1. Regy Growthstein says:

    I am appauled. I know there is charity involved here, but surely this is a website for all things beardy. A moustache is not a beard. It is a moustache and they should stick to their own – inferior – websites.

  2. Tom Sellick says:

    I am proud to have my moustache associated with this venture. Andrew, if you need any advice or guidance during this period of moustache gestation please email me at Tom.Sellick@magnum.psi.

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