Beard Fashion!

style-guru.jpgThe World of Beards is a trend setting world. Today we are proud to introduce our latest recruit, style Guru Lance Pinkerton. Lance will show us what it takes to turn that bit of facial fluff into an accessory you’ll never want to be without. His first case study, the legendary Noel Edmonds.

Hey there. Beards are like shoes – although not made of leather and not really benefiting from a polish – they add to your image. No one knew how to get the look better than my hero, Noel Edmonds. How else do you think he became the face of the Austin-Montego in the 1980’s? Yeah that’s right. Noel knew what his beard was saying about him – adventurous, cool, tough, a maverick, uncompromising, sexy. And so did the Montego. The ad men loved it. Check it out:


6 Responses to Beard Fashion!

  1. Regy Growthstein says:

    Was he kidnapping those children?

  2. Whiskers Away says:

    I wish someone would totally redisign Edmond’s front for greater aerodynamic efficiency!

  3. Dore says:

    Noel Edmunds and the fall of Rover? It’s like th Hoff and the fall of the Berlin Wall. Only with fewer germans and more facial hair. Swapping germans for facial hair seems reasonable to me although hairy germans have always been a favourite of mine on Eurotrash.

  4. Regy Growthstein says:

    Here he is flipping out after being told that Rover were closing

  5. Whiskers Away says:

    Edmonds is clearly under the influence of alcohol in that clip.

    Of greater interest though is what the banker though of the contestant. the clip ends tantalisingly with Edmonds saying “he thinks you…”

    I’m not going to sleep tonight not knowing. I might shave off my beard and then let it grow untrimmed until the answer is apparent…

    Edmonds was always a favourite of mine and when the great Beard cull of the late 80s from the b@stards at the BBC began, his days were always numbered. Thank heavens for Chanel 4s beard friendly policy and that we have Noel to look forward to again. Other victims of the beard cull included David Bellamy and Ricky Villa.

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