One nation under a beard

beard-of-peace.jpgWar. What is it good for? Well, it’s clearly good for the economy, blowing things up, providing storylines for epic movies directed by Francis Ford Coppolla and manufacturers of khaki. But beyond that, nothing (good God). But what’s that got to do with beards?

Well, The World of Beards is a peaceful world. It is against war and very much in favour of everyone getting along together and generally having a nice time. Recently, however, one of the major causes of war has reared its ugly head in our World: sport. More precisely, arguing about football.

Ok, the only example the World of Beards can point to right now is the 1969 Football War between Honduras and El Salvador – but that’s enough about football – we also recognise that there may be other factors involved, such as global geopolitical hegemony, but global geopolitical hegemony hasn’t been an issue we’ve had to deal with….yet.

So, in a bid to reunite it’s people the World of Beards invites you to contribute something to our global nation.  The World of Beards is a democratic world and so we ask you now to help write our global anthem in the forum below.  


8 Responses to One nation under a beard

  1. Whiskers Away says:


    I welcome this move to more suitable beard related issues and the (almost) departure from tiresome debate about english football.

    For an anthem to be truly successful it needs to be strong. I propose an opening gambit as follows:

    Forward!, Beard of glory,
    To battle, heroes’ blood!
    For our fatherland’s Beard
    Let the rifles sound.

    With weapons on our right
    We bring the devil wrath.
    To write in blood the justice
    Demanded by our Beard.

    Forward!, Beard of glory,
    To battle, heroes’ blood!
    For our fatherland’s Beard
    Let the rifles sound.

  2. Tacheless says:

    How about:

    When I grow up (to have a beard) by the Beach Boys
    It was a very good beard by Frank Sinatra
    Beardy was a friend of mine by the Killers
    Great beards of fire by Jerry Lee Lewis
    Beardy trousers by Madness
    Do you remember the first beard? by Pulp
    B.E.A.R.D. by Tammy Wynette
    I never thought there’d be beards like these, strange beards indeed by John Lennon

    I’ll stop there.

  3. Tacheless says:

    When I was seventeen
    It was a very good beard
    It was a very good beard for small time growth
    And soft downy hair
    We’d hide from the shaver
    with my bealesque tache
    When I was seventeen

    When I was twenty-one
    It was a very good beard
    It was a very good beard for city girls
    Who loved my face un-bare
    With all that perfumed hair
    And I was unshaved
    When I was twenty-one

    When I was thirty-five
    It was a very good beard
    It was a very good beard with some grey hairs
    And less on my head
    They fell out in my bed
    As some hair grew and some was shed
    When I was thirty-five

    But now the hairs grow short
    I’m in the autumn of the beard
    And now I think of my life as vintage beards
    From fine old chins
    From the lips to the sideburns
    And it grew sweet and clear
    It was a very good beard

    It was a mess of good beards

  4. lopes11 says:

    lol, wow a site dedicated to beards. Thats awesome. I wish i could grow one, but my girlfriend is not to fond of the idea

  5. Great site, guys. Have bookmarked your page in order to come up with a beard anthem. Does it have to have come from an already established song or can it be completely original. If so can we upload an mp3?


  6. Whiskers Away says:


    Tacheless, although having grasped the wrong end of the stick, seems to have stumbled on a feature that may have some mileage. What about a Beard literature round, or beard film round:
    Beard Lost?
    Beard and punishment?

  7. animalsinsuits says:

    Glad I’ve stumbled upon this burgeoning centre of beard info. I have a beard related link for you… but couldn’t find your email. Top 5 Beards of Rock:

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