Posh School Quizzes Brainy Kids On Beards


Each year King Williams College on the Isle of Man quizzes it’s pupils with possibly the hardest quiz ever devised by man. This Christmas the school has asked its pupils a number of questions about BEARDS! Clearly the future leaders of the country are being prepared for a life where a facial companion is a friend that will bring power and influence.

The World of Beards is frankly struggling to answer any of the questions on the quiz, let alone any on its specialist subject. Can you help? Those beard brain bamboozlers are:  14.

1 – who imposed a levy on beards?

2 – who described a multinidal growth?

5 – which bearded and bright-eyed old tar delayed a wedding


6 – who suffered his beard to grow until it was about a quarter

of a yard long?

9 – who had a beard of burnt-up black?

The full quiz is available here


7 Responses to Posh School Quizzes Brainy Kids On Beards

  1. Neville Chapman says:

    No, Henry V111.

  2. Mister Wormold says:

    14.1 Peter the Great
    14. 5 The Ancient Mariner (Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner, Samuel Taylor Coleridge)
    14.9 Svengali
    14.10 She plucked Gloucester’s beard (King Lear, William Shakespeare)

  3. LAB says:

    14.7 Comes from the Bible, Book of Samuel. The suspected spies had half their beards cut off (and half of their clothes)

  4. Steve says:

    17.2 Whoa, obscure – Stephen Maturin

  5. Miffy says:

    Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Miffy.

  6. nena smith says:

    hi my name is nena and i am 20 years old

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