Welcome to this World of Beards. It’s our World. Yours and mine.

You don’t need to have a beard to enjoy the world and you don’t need a beard to enjoy this blog (although sometimes you might want to try wearing a false one while dancing to the greatest hits of Phil Collins. Liberating).  In fact, I have no idea what this site is “about” so “about” was a rubbish name for this page.

ben-rumson3.jpgWhat I do know is that men like this (Ben Rumson) had a great outlook on life: Pioneering. Comradely. Humouress. Drunk. All qualities that a World of Beards should embrace.


3 Responses to About

  1. Mo man says:

    Guys, you should definately check out http://www.movember.com.au
    The gretest mo-themed fundraiser in the universe.

  2. The World of Berads says:

    Mo Man. Thanks for your post. The World of Beards salutes your use of facial hair for the forces of good.

  3. Dear TWOB,

    Isn’t it about time you re started this ship? There is a whole topic about Karadzic’s brilliant disguise just waiting for debate.

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