Beard Fashion!

September 20, 2006

style-guru.jpgThe World of Beards is a trend setting world. Today we are proud to introduce our latest recruit, style Guru Lance Pinkerton. Lance will show us what it takes to turn that bit of facial fluff into an accessory you’ll never want to be without. His first case study, the legendary Noel Edmonds. Read the rest of this entry »


The Beard Behind The Beards of Rock, Tony Wyoming

August 9, 2006

crosby.jpgIn common with any great book, or two-star bed and breakfast, or quick knee-trembler round the back of Castle Cary train station, no beard is ever truly the work of one man. In an occasional series, The World of Beards looks at the faces behind the faces behind the beards. This week Steve “BurkeyBeard” Bukowski speaks exclusively to Tony Wyoming, facial hair guru to some of pop’s brightest beards.   Read the rest of this entry »