The World of Beards is Back!

September 17, 2008
Another beard appears after years away from the spotlight

Another beard appears after years away from the spotlight


After a period of hiding, the World of Beards has reawoken. Its beard may be straggly and unkempt, but it won’t be long before a well manicured beard for 2008 is proudly displayed.

Expect to hear about the beard that shamed all of Germany and new beard fashion very soon!


Definitley NOT the best bearded sportsman in the world

October 14, 2006

sun-jihai.jpgThe World of Beards caused controversy recently by suggesting that Sergio Batista was the world’s greatest bearded sportsman. We feel safe though in saying that Manchester City’s Sun Jihai is not in the running. In fact he doesn’t even have a beard.  Not yet anyway. We sent our resident newshound, Regy Growthestein to sniff out why China’s David Beckham may be bringing the beard into disrepute.

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Beard News! Fidel Castro, the greatest Beard in history

August 2, 2006

primopiano_fidel_castro.jpgSince 1959 Fidel Castro (and his beard) have held power in Cuba. The length of his reign and the apparent adulation afforded him by his people mark him as a phenomenon in global politics. How has he achieved this? Regy Growthstein gives us his no nonsense view. Read the rest of this entry »

Coming Soon! Beard News!

July 31, 2006

beard-news.jpgIn a (ir)regular feature, resident World of Beards political commentator, Regy Growthestein, will be giving you his beard-based take on the global news.

Schooled at Harvard during the cultural revolution of 60s California, Regy was a radical campaigner for “free beard love”. Despite now exercising a more liberal chin stroke, Regy is adamant that he will give us the truth and, in his own words,  “none of that neo-con mustache bull shit!”